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Risk Management

We help control risks in complex environments and deliver security solutions, which includes project management, monitoring, evaluation and learning activities from our UK Head Office and designated work sites.  We have conducted risk assessment and mitigation for international public-private agencies, across commercial and defence sectors, promoting understanding of risk management frameworks, approved codes of practice and safe systems of work for implementation in commercial and non-for-profit project delivery.

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Active Engagement & Due Diligence

At Better Risk, we want you to enjoy working with a company that genuinely understands how to apply risk and safety management systems that don’t get in the way of day-to-day business, whilst delivering practical solutions.  Whether you are looking for physical security services or conducting supply chain analysis, we help our clients by carrying out due diligence and financial probity checks to determine suitability for collaborative working and joint commercial venture.

Security and Defence

Registered with the UK MoD Defence Security, we provide technical experience which spans a broad range of land, air and sea joint defence disciplines:  our experts are highly regarded in the security risk management and defence industry sectors, which enables the team to provide high-level strategic advice coupled with good quality technical solutions which enhances your ability to respond to emerging risks and subsequently promotes corporate awareness and responsibility.

Humanitarian Demining

Our focus is on delivering ‘knowledge-transfer’ to enable highly affected communities.  This is achieved by supporting stakeholders and implementing partners involved in the stabilization and development process.  Our mine action services have supported international peacekeeping operations and results-based activities, including the development of national standards, disarmament activities, demobilization and reintegration of displaced and demobilised persons.

UNGM registration number: 261883

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Explosive Engineering

We can deliver technical guidance, direction and risk mitigation for ammunition safety and ordnance management activities, supported by detailed procedures, quality assurance and quality control services for clients engaged in the disposal of Explosive Remnants of War (ERW) on land, inshore and offshore.  This includes effective Project Management and Project Rescue services when dealing with unexploded ordnance, including compliance with codes of practice for the safe use of explosives in the construction industry.

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Offshore Construction & Underwater Explosive Ordnance

Our Marine monitoring and support services ensure that offshore ordnance operations are conducted safely when detecting, identifying disposing of and neutralising explosive ordnance with minimal environmental impact. Better Risk has experienced, qualified and competent personnel with advanced NATO EOD qualification and offshore certification to ensure best-practice explosive activities are carried out correctly, managing risk As Low As Reasonably Practical (ALARP). We oversee technical underwater Explosive Ordnance (EO) operations from initial survey through to target identification and destruction and/or removal.

Preliminary UXO Risk Assessment

Fully compliant with the construction industry best-practice for CIRIA C-681 (land projects) and CIRIA C-754 (marine environment), we can support Construction activities with preliminary UXO risk assessment where there is a potential requirement to identify whether a UXO hazard is present in the designated site.  This is achieved through researching historic archives and records from a number of sources that might help identify military activities, the recorded history of potential explosive hazards and their proximity to a development project.

Detailed UXO Risk Assessment

If UXO has been identified as being a possible risk on the designated development site, based on the results of Preliminary UXO Risk Assessment, a Detailed Assessment will be conducted by a military expert to examine the likelihood of encountering explosive remnants of war during the proposed programme of works. The report captures the full-scale of the explosive risk and where required, will make expert recommendations regarding the very best risk mitigation methodologies.

Safety & Environmental Case Reporting

We have the knowledge and experience to review or develop safety and environmental cases by using a range of analytical tools to support the arguments and develop supporting evidence in an understandable and neatly structured format in line with the current engineering and regulatory best practice.  To achieve this, we simply review system safety regulatory and framework documentation, applying relevant military standards and guidance for suitable analysis, HAZID and risk recording.

Defence Offset

Our team can support defence related ‘Offset’ delivery, which refers to specific contractual obligations applied to major international public procurement defence industry markets or other kinds of infrastructure, particularly for training project implementation.

Capacity Building & Training

An UK Armed Forces Career Transition Workshop approved provider, we are also a recognised training provider for the IIRSM and ILM, with endorsed training from academic institutions and the UK Institute of Explosive Engineers (IExpE).  This helps maintain our standard of training in risk management, risk-related disciplines, leadership and management, which is especially relevant in security, defence and ordnance management activities.  Our courses and workshops develop organisation know-how, communication, core knowledge in specialist areas and the practical skills needed to manage, motivate and inspire personnel in the workplace.   

Affiliation & Support

The company is a member of the UK Standard Setting Body for Explosives, Munitions and Search Occupations (SSB for EMSO), responsible for national occupational standards.  We are a member of the industry advisory panel to the UK Government’s All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Explosive Threats which currently supports the Revive Campaign, we have supported the GICHD Expert Focus Group for underwater Explosive Ordnance (EO) and currently support DEFRA’s (Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs) Marine Science Coordination Committee for the Marine Industries Liaison Group (MILG). 

UN Global Compact

We Support the UN Global Compact

Better Risk Limited is committed to the UN Global Compact register of participants, a further demonstration of our company’s commitment to Social Responsibility.

About the UN Global Compact

The UN Global Compact is a United Nations initiative that encourages companies, associations and any other organisation to do business responsibly in order to “align strategies and operations with universal principles on human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption, and take actions that advance strategic goals”.  

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UNGM Number:  261883